Friday, August 20, 2010

With His Everything-Cred In The Crapper, Can Obama Regain His Mojo Through Jesus?

Now, in the summer of 2010, with his poll numbers tanking almost everywhere except on the "Muslim question," it is fair to muse that maybe Obama should trot Wright back out to establish some "Jesus Cred." This is a president who is becoming more and more of a mystery to many the more they find out about him, and fewer and fewer believe Obama has any Jesus cred as time goes on.
And the media reaction is so predictable.
Of course, when secular liberals start trying to go all religious on us, it becomes an intellectual struggle. Their dots do not connect. The fragile construct they had concocted about Obama's faith life is starting to crumble. That's why America is simultaneously getting to know Obama better and knowing less about him at the same time.
The entire issue of religion in the 2008 campaign was somewhat successfully pigeonholed into neat little compartments by the media -- pigeonholes that have little to do with reality. Everything was built around hiding or obfuscating or outright lying about who Obama is and what he believes.
On the one hand, we were told that Obama's relationship with Wright was irrelevant and that he slept through the hateful messages -- and on the other, TUCC was where Obama practiced his professed Christianity and received inspirations for his writings. We were told that in spite of that, Obama's relationship with Wright was no more of an issue than was John McCain's with John Hagee, an evangelical preacher with whom McCain had shared a lectern on occasion. 
And through all of this, we were required to have enough suspension of belief to count Black Liberation Theology as Christian in the first place. Right. Never mind Jeremiah Wright's relationship with and support of Louis Farrakhan.

We were told to fear Sarah Palin's devout faith -- and yet told to embrace Obama's professed Christian conversion. Every stone in Wasilla was overturned in hopes of finding some evidence of Palin's handling of snakes or casting out of demons -- while the entire "no no no -- G.D. America" tape collection available on the Trinity Church website was ignored for months and months.
We were told that Obama is certainly not a Muslim, yet he would have a magical ability to reach out to the Muslim world -- thus ending America's role as a terror target. We were told that the world, especially the Muslim world, would continue to hate America if we elected a religious nut like Palin, however.
Of course, none of that makes any sense -- and that becomes clearer and clearer to more and more Americans under the microscope of the Ground Zero Mosque issue. And it's not the mosque issue alone, of course. As theorized by J.R. Dunn, that could simply be the tipping point.

There's the skipping of the Boy Scout's 100th Anniversary Ceremony. There's the golf instead of church almost every Sunday. There's the "clinging to their guns and religion" comment. There's the anti-Israel comments and policies. And on and on.

So now we have a president haunted by the idea that he is really a Muslim -- and not a Christian at all. How delicious it is that his blatantly secular liberal supporters are totally impotent at fighting this battle for him -- given that so many Americans take faith seriously? 
And going back to Wright's Trinity Church will not help. There will be no Jesus Cred available there. Listen to the tapes or order the books. You will simply find Black Liberation Theology and Marxism and so on. Jesus? Not so much.

So Americans will likely continue to think of Obama as a Muslim in increasing numbers. But hey -- "not that there's anything wrong with that." 

Is there?

Only if you are the sort to dry hump your enemies while stiff-arming your friends.

Precisely how many times must we be assailed by the horrors of Islam before calling a spade a spade? In every decade of every century of every nation on earth, as soon as a moslem population grew enough for other folks to take notice, the notice was one of absolute dismay. For example, to be a mailman in a moslem enclave in Paris you must A.) Be a man. B.) Grow a beard. C.) Convert to Islam or don body armor to deflect the rocks hurled at you by even the little children.

These folks are simply not the E.Pluribus Unum type, don't ya know. Modern people don't fear Islam because it's different, they fear it because moslems demand to be feared. Admittedly, that's only if being knocked to the ground and having your head sawed off by a dull blade is something you might consider to be somewhat foreboding. 

So pardon the real world for going into full frontal forebode whenever Islam is mentioned.

And guess what? There's PLENTY wrong with that. 

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