Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Florida AG proposes even tougher-than-Arizona law against illegal immigrants

Florida (Reuters) - Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum on Wednesday proposed legislation that would toughen law enforcement measures against illegal immigrants in the melting-pot southeastern U.S. state.

One of the things the proposed law would do, is to make it mandatory for less than proactive cops to determine the citizenship standing of a suspected illegal alien. Taking a cue from the pitfalls Arizona is experiencing, judges would be given templates from which to set bail, lengths of incarceration, and means by which to deport illegals.

Florida, like most states, is schizophrenic in nature. From Miami, and up north-eastwards to the borders of Boca Raton, the illegal Cuban influence has made the state Castro-North. From Boca to the rim of Jacksonville's influence, Florida is old South and then some. God-fearing, homey folks who mind their own business and work their fingers to the bone to build and maintain a healthy family oriented environment. Jacksonville itself is, like most of America's larger cities, crime central, and where there is crime there are illegal immigrants.

The monkey wrench in enacting such a law is therefore the Miami-Jacksonville connection, the same one that squeaked the state into the Obama column during the 2008 Presidential election. So that's what we're up against. And why I really don't see the law being as illegal-proof as so stated, but virtually anything is better than the no-habla-englace one is up against without doing something to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

Barry and his masters will scream to the high heavens and anything that initiates so delightful a situation is worth its weight in gold.

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