Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rapscallion Somali Moslems Storm Hotel...Killing At Least 32...

MOGADISHU, Somalia -- A suicide bomber and gunmen wearing military uniforms attacked a hotel near Somalia's presidential palace Monday, sparking a running gun battle with security forces. At least 32 people were killed, including six Somali parliamentarians.

A parliamentarian who was at the Muna Hotel said there were "dead bodies all over" and he labeled the scene a massacre.

Well then, don't that beat all.

Damn them Muna people for daring to erect a hotel in Somalia. Because building things soon leads to building more things and before you know it people are working and their taxes are actually HELPING a country grow.

One thing moslems simply cannot stand for is their people residing within healthy economies. Lots of work means fewer young men are unhappy enough to blow themselves up, and any decent mullissimo worth his salt does whatever he can to assure zero employment.

Sound familiar? It should. Same thing is being tried here, too. By a fellow named Hussein. Go figure.


Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

I guess they don't want to get killed pirating American ships anymore. >:o)

fits said...

One of these days, they are going to piss off one of the few remaining nations credited with actually having balls. What the world needs is a new Shores-of-Tripoli skirmish whereby several companies of Marines go in and just break everything that needs breaking.