Thursday, August 12, 2010

Octopus Slain In Grizzley Hate-Crime Attack

AN Argentine TV presenter furious with Paul the 'psychic' World Cup octopus has horrified viewers by liquidising one of his relatives live on air.

Argentina fans blamed him for their World Cup exit after he correctly predicted Germany would beat them and some have voiced a desire to eat him. 

So after branding the animal a "Nazi" he grabbed an octopus live on air and claimed to be killing it as he hacked its head off and put bits of it in a blender. 

Pettinato said as he lowered him into the machine: "Your moment has arrived, little Nazi octopus."

Sweet mother of pearl, but just how lame can these soccer freaks be. 
Blaming an octopus. Like some stupid octopus could really predict anything.

Not like he's a groundhog.

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