Sunday, May 20, 2007

American Guns/Guns Of America/Yadda

Plenty of gun forums around. The High Road, The Firing Line, many other "The's" along with Glock Talk and other Talks, too. The need is certainly there, but do we want another forum. One dedicated to the right to bear arms that encourages political discourse in a way that most others do not. Just try getting in a heated debate at any or all of the above and it's lockdown time in a snap. Controversy is not wanted nor tolerated but Mall Ninja's are. Downloading the requisite software doesn't seem to be all that difficult, and were the clarion call vociferous enough I'd set one up and manage the thing.

Just a thought. Personally, I pretty much cannot stand the plethora of bad-advice boards that have blossomed over the past few years, and rarely read or participate in any of them. The early birds captured most of the worms and I do have doubts a new board would thrive without a lot of word of mouth.

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