Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hammina Hammina Hammina...Mary Jane Fingers Spiderman's...Duds

May 16, 2007 -- "Say, doesn't that comely babe - barefoot, buxom and scrubbing some laundry - look familiar?

Why, it's Spider-Man's better half, Mary Jane, and, wow, are the Webbed Wonder's fans steamed over this one.

Bloggers are scorching their keyboards, claiming that a statuette of Mary Jane, based on artist Adam Hughes' notion of a fantasy femme, is an eyeful of outrage.

Sporting sexy cleavage and a very exposed pink thong peeking out from tight jeans, Mary Jane is nobody's washerwoman, although she's bending over a tub scrubbing Spidey's iconic superhero gear.

The rendition has gotten so many catcalls that a Web observer, in a six-part outline, said enough already: Cease and desist."

Good grief. She isn't DOING his bloody laundry you nincompoops. She FOUND his spidey suit in the hamper.

And by the way...


Nice bod though.

I'll be getting one. The statue. Already got a bod like that looking over my shoulder as I type this.

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