Friday, May 18, 2007

We Get Letters

"Have you seen the latest Box O' Truth regarding the Browning H-Power...?"

For its time, the Hi-Power was the cats meow. It is not rated for +p munitions, and will feed anything as long as its ball. Accurate gun in a borderline caliber. A must-have for serious collectors, but if you've the resources find a modern firearm and load it with modern ammunition for anything other than plinking. I held this mail for over a week until I could gather enough courage to so see what nonsense the clueless one was offering, and was rewarded with the usual uninformative gibberish. Nowhere does he make mention of what brand or weight or type of ammunition used, and thats pretty much par for his course.

Nothing against the Hi-Power, not at all. Better than harsh words, or a Kel-Tec in .380. Maybe. Plink away. And please; pay no attention to the many pictures of him with those yellow earplugs hanging from the sides of his head. Roll yours into a cone, moisten slightly, then insert as far as possible. Never use the same ones more than once or twice, and discard rather than wash & re-use. The better plugs will have a 33 NRR, and I use Flents Comfort Foam and have not found anything better. Around 2 bucks for 10 pair isn't breaking anyone's bank, and once again, washing destroys some of the foam's molecular bonding and is NEVER recommended. Air pockets allow the sound in, and you won't notice because your ear drums will begin to go numb, and permanent hearing loss is possible if you follow this incredibly awful man's advice. About anything.

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