Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday Travel Tips

"Cardiff, located on the banks of the River Taff, is the capital and largest city (320,000+ inhabitants) of Wales. It's a busy commercial, maritime and university city.

Cardiff Castle interior
Ornate interior of Cardiff Castle

During Victorian times it was the biggest coal-exporting city in the world. Cardiff's most famous citizen was the wealthy second Marquess of Bute, who, in 1839, built Cardiff's docks to export the coal mined from his father's valley lands.

He amassed a fortune, which the third Marquess took advantage of to build the eye-stunning Cardiff Castle on medieval foundations within a Norman wall. He enlisted William Burges as his architect and built the castle with every conceivable decoration possible in its interior."

Lem had posted this while I was away. In an effort, of this I am certain, to get me to travel to Cardiff. Seems like a pretty place.

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