Sunday, May 20, 2007

States With Most Minorities...

"On Thursday (May 17), the U.S. Census Bureau released the latest statistics on minority populations in America as well as break-downs in sex and age. In 2006, the number of minority residents reached 100.7 million, topping the 100 million mark for the very first time.

The largest minority group is Hispanic at 14.8 percent followed by blacks at 13.4. Whites still account for the vast majority of the residents of the United States at 67.6 percent of the population.

Also on Thursday, the Associated Press released a study it did on the most average states — the states with demographics that come closest to the averages throughout the country as reported by the Census Bureau.

The most average state the AP found was Illinois.

“The AP ranked each state on how closely it matched national levels on 21 demographic factors, including race, age, income, education, industrial mix, immigration and the share of people living in urban and rural areas. The rankings were then combined to determine the state that best mirrors the country as a whole.”

Would anyone like to guess which state is ranked No. 51, the least typical state? Can you say West Virginia?"

It pains me that Florida is as high as 19th because that means the welfare rolls are, well, the 19th highest in the nation. I tend to look at states with a lot of people who don't work but get money for free and are the most likely to engage in criminal activities as being ANOMALIES to the American dream, rather than AVERAGE. Kudos to West Virginia. We should ALL be so average. I would sooner dive for Atlantis than live in Ill-Annoy, home of socialists, communists, and subversives galore. Thank heavens for us Conservative Republicans who fight being average each and every day.

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