Saturday, May 19, 2007

Woman gets 5 years for booby-trap attack

"A woman convicted of using a booby trap to bring down a motorcyclist on a remote road in the hills outside Los Gatos last year was sentenced Friday in a San Jose courtroom to five years in prison.

Donna Olsen, 47, was one of three people charged with stringing a taut rope across Loma Chiquita Road in unincorporated Santa Clara County that caught her neighbor, Robert Barnes, across the upper lip as he rode by with a group of friends.

The impact hurled Barnes about 30 feet from his motorcycle. The accident left him with 500 stitches, missing teeth and titanium plates in his head..."

Whoa now hoss. Whoa one cotton pickin' minute. So this tree-hugging loon booby traps a road, and when it works, the accredited journalist refers to it as an accident. Okay, okay, it IS Kommifornia, where tree-hugging loons aren't really held responsible for their actions, but I mean come on now; she tried killing the guy, along with one of his friends, nearly succeeded, put him on the hurtin-turkey-for-the-rest-of-his-natural-born-days list of woe, and gets 5 years. Meaning with good behavior we'll see Ms String 'Em Up back on the streets in 3. More...

"Another rider in his group suffered minor injuries in the May 6, 2006, incident; after he saw Barnes go down, he was able to slow before the rope was raised again, authorities said

Olsen's neighbor, Donald Bryant, 63, was also convicted in the attack and is awaiting sentencing as his attorney prepares a motion for a new trial, prosecutors said.

Edward Anderson, Olsen's longtime companion with whom she has two children, was acquitted at trial in December in a case that drew substantial interest among the motorcycling community and some environmentalists who oppose off-road vehicles in rural settings."

They kill people because they don't like those noisy old cycles.

Reinstate the firing squad and gimme a few days to get on over there.

Thanks to Ride Fast & Shoot Straight, who has as hard a time as I understanding ANY of this "accident" bullswaddle.

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