MIAMI (AP) — "Homeowners may soon be allowed to capture and kill small alligators found on their property, under new rules being considered by state wildlife officials.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials will discuss the proposal at a June 13 meeting in Melbourne.

Still being determined are how homeowners would obtain the necessary paperwork for killing the gators, and how the reptiles would be killed.

“Obviously it is illegal in most if not all incorporated areas to discharge a firearm,” said commission wildlife biologist Steve Stiegler. “We would probably have to come up with recommendations as to the most humane methods to euthanize.”

Load. Lock. Squeeze. Humane method my ass. As of late I'm finding a silver lining in all this talk of selling the country out to the illegal aliens. With millions of hungry mexicans patrolling the swamps, these stupid laws will have to be done away with. Really now, who could keep track of which mexican killed what reptile. And since this happens to be Florida and mexicans happen to, by some quirk of an identification system be labeled as human, we can shoot them if they invade our property with far less worry than offing an offending gator.

Might be win-win. I'm starting to think these beaner lovers might be on to something.