Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lee Load-All Shotshell Press

For $35 how can you go wrong? I've been pondering rolling my own and was prompted into even deeper ponder from a post over at The Smallest Minority. Not that the forest fires will EVER burn out and we can get on to hog hunting, but on the off chance the foundation-savers do manage to rescue a tree or two it's something I might want to take a stab at. And if at the end of the day it just isn't something cool, I haven't shelled out a ton of cash with yet another discarded toy to stow away in the attic. 5 lbs. of #1 to 000 buck for $16, 100 hulls for $6, and well, you get the picture. For someone shooting an awful lot of shot it's a long term money-saver, but you already know that. The tinkering is what grabs me by the imagination hairs. Anyway it's a thought.

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