Monday, May 21, 2007

Welcoming Those Who Would Reduce Us

I understand why the likes of Teddy Kennedy want to change the political landscape of the country. Hell, it's getting harder and harder to push liberal agenda's through Congress, and even the gun nuts got some of their rights back. Waving the magic wand not only legalizes the 20 million liberal voters in waiting, but think of the countless OTHER millions of their family members that will soon follow.

But why McCain? Why would John want to end the US as we know it? You know I don't believe in unintended consequences, ESPECIALLY now that Rush has discovered and used it today, oh, about 5,627 times by last count. The leftist strategy has always been to weaken America any way possible and any and ALL dire consequences from giving the criminals amnesty are in fact well thought out and planned to the crossing of the t's.

So what's up with McCain? Payback to a country that let him languish for 5 long years? North Vietnamese programming finally kicking in? He simply likes tacos?

I guess it really doesn't matter. Why he turned traitor after being so very much the quintessential hero. If the United States government allows this travesty to happen, I and a great many like me will be pushed further down the road towards insurrection. The Jurassic Press isn't paying much attention to what we the people are saying, they only print rigged polling results and the constant bray from democrat officials offering that "the people's will" is this or that, when we the people are saying the exact opposite. The old school media had a monopoly for so long, that they, like our elected officials, don't want the boat to be rocked and will lie through their collective teeth to condition the eloi into believing the unbelievable.

Fight them. I will. If it comes down to fighting for my rights then hell, I've got one good fight left in me. They want to take our money and feed, house, and clothe millions of people who will then turn America into the United States of Mehico.

Not on my watch. No bullshit. For a long time now my soul has been at peace, my affairs are in order and my aim remains rock steady. I won't go down easy, and there are a lot like me.

Semper Fidelis

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