Thursday, May 31, 2007

Officers out in full force for downtown Knoxville protest

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- "Close to 300 Knoxville police officers, Knox County sheriff's deputies, and Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers kept close watch over a white supremacist rally Saturday in downtown Knoxville.

The 30 or so protestors came from across the United States to Knoxville to argue that national and local media are not giving enough attention to black-on-white crimes. The issue they are thrusting to the center of their message is the double murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

Knoxville police closed several streets around Main Street to keep the protestors and a large number of counter-protestors apart from each another.

The counter-protestors, assembled on the other side of Main Street, showed up in greater numbers. They argued the white supremacists were exploiting the double murder to advance their racist platform.

Neo-Nazi leader Alex Linder, 40, said to be the organizer of the rally, was arrested after police say he entered a control access zone in the middle of Main Street..."

Well of bloody course the media focuses upon even the hint of white on black crime as opposed to the real world of black on white. Even though it is virtually unheard of, the Duke faculty tripped all over themselves to be the first to condemn the very thought of a white male raping a black female, even though there is no manner by which to quantify such criminal acts because they happen so infrequently as to be less than a blip upon the radar screen of rape statistics.

And how's about this for irony. 30 white guys show up to protest the fact that blacks committing crimes against whites aren't reported upon, and it takes 300 cops to keep the blacks from proving the white guys right.

Simply cannot make this stuff up.

Must have been some bad ass crowd to warrant 300 cops, eh? Good thing there weren't any reports of shots fired, as there wouldn't have been near enough bushes in town for them to hide behind.

Thanks to Stop The ACLU

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