Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ann Coulter Gets Semi-Serious On ILLEGAL Immigration...


"Americans — at least really stupid Americans like George Bush — believe the natural state of the world is to have individual self-determination, human rights, the rule of law and a robust democratic economy. On this view, most of the existing world and almost all of world history is a freakish aberration.

In fact, the natural state of the world is Darfur. The freakish aberration is America and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world.

The British Empire once spread the culture of prosperity around the globe — Judeo-Christian values, tolerance, equality, private property and the rule of law. All recipients of the British Empire's largesse benefited, but the empire's most successful colony was the United States.

At the precise moment in history when the U.S. has abandoned any attempt to transmit Anglo-Saxon virtues to its own citizens, much less to immigrants, George Bush wants to grant citizenship to hordes of immigrants who are here precisely because they are fleeing cultures that are utterly dysfunctional and ruinous for the humans who live in them.

Yes, this country has absorbed huge migrations of illiterate peasants in the past — notably Italian immigrants at the turn of the last century. But also notably, half of them went back. We got the good ones. America was not yet a welfare state guaranteeing room and board to the luckless, the lazy and the incompetent from cradle to grave.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, immigrant and first Jewish member of the Supreme Court, said that Americanization required that the immigrant adopt "the clothes, the manners and the customs generally prevailing here" and that he adopt "the English language as the common medium of speech."

But, Brandeis said, this is only part of it. "(W)e properly demand of the immigrant even more than this — he must be brought into complete harmony with our ideals and aspirations and cooperate with us for their attainment. Only when this has been done will he possess the national consciousness of an American."

Or as George Bush would call it, "empty rhetoric." And as Linda Chavez would call it, "racist."

I wish our new immigrants had come to America back when the foundations of civic society and patriotism were still inculcated in all immigrants (and when half of them went home). But traitors who are citizens have destroyed all acculturating institutions. Traitors who are citizens have also destroyed all incentive for the poor to work or even keep their knees together before marriage.

Until the recipient culture is capable of doing an effective job of Americanizing immigrants, it's preposterous to talk about a massive influx of Hispanic immigrants accomplishing anything other than turning America into yet another Latin American-style banana republic. And it is simply a fact that no one is trying to turn immigrants into Americans.

To the contrary, Democrats are trying to turn new immigrants into wards of the state — and with some success! — so they will be permanent Democratic voters. Rich Republicans and their handmaidens in Washington are trying to turn immigrants into a permanent servant class."

We bloggers have been saying this for quite some time, so it's good to see a "name" Conservative who understands the reality of the illegal immigration issue.

Americans are scaring the leftists, scaring them like nobody's business. This is why they wish to change America, once and for all, and reintroduce something akin to one of their infamous pet projects that a million men had to die for. It was called The Civil War, and the TOTAL number of deaths most likely exceeded a million, but was without a shadow of a doubt absolutely worth it. Yeah, easy for me to say, I know. And look at the mess we all inherited once people unaccustomed to civilization wrought upon this great country.

But it's time for an imaginary Million Man March. To honor all those who died and to the best of my knowledge, have never ever been thanked by the likes of Al and Jesse. To put this in perspective, there were 25,000 combat fatalities during the Revolutionary War. Britain only had 35,000 soldiers and never stood a chance of truly subjugating the 13 states, but I digress.

The fact remains that many men have gone to war for the principals that made this country what it was, and for the dreamers among us, what it someday will again become. To honor the memory of those who gave their lives, if for them and for nothing else, it is the duty of each and every one of us to prevent illegals from changing what true Americans wrought.

We are, as Ann says, the freaks of humanity. Better than being the dregs. Like our liberal "friends".

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