Friday, May 18, 2007

We Need A Dog

Since Lisa and I are both active youngsters, cough, we're away from the house most of the day and I believe the time has come for a dog. As a former Great Dane owner, I just really like big, big dogs, but that was back when I was single and could run in the yard with a brace of them and destroy trees and fences and anything that was dumb enough to venture close enough. Thor was 215 lbs, Baron 205, and I'm not exactly svelte so at any given time there'd be close on to 700 lbs of fun charging into something at full frontal gallop.

Ah, yuth. But gigantic dogs aren't going to make this time around. Lisa has never owned an animal and while she does a yeoman's job of hefting big guns I do think that we'll go medium sized as we search for the right hound.

By medium I mean nothing over 100 lbs or so, and despite the horror stories I'd really like to give a pit bull a look-see. I want something that can protect her and the house when I'm not around. Something not barky but will give voice when appropriate. Exercise isn't a problem as there's plenty of room here, and tons of it in the great outdoors where I'm likely to roam. I don't want a lap dog that'll be eaten by the first gator that comes along, and me with a dachshund or some froo-froo little mutt just isn't going to ever happen. I've also owned a lab and she was probably the worst animal I've ever lived with. Never got over her puppyhood and chewed and pulled and generally made a mess of things whenever I was away, and that could have been part of the problem. Loneliness.

Anyhoot, I'm open to suggestions. I've had German Shepard's as well, and never really took to them as they seemed a tad aloof. A close friend owned and bred Doberman's, so I've at least been around them, and they are not totally out of the question.

Medium sized
Short hair
Reasonably intelligent & trainable
Price isn't a consideration

There. Comment or feel free to email me if you've a recommendation.

Now drop and give me 20.

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