Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gunman Shoots Several People Then Is Found Dead

MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) -- "An officer who was shot responding to a gunman spraying bullets at a courthouse died of his injuries Sunday, police said.

Law enforcement officers stormed the church Sunday where the gunman hid after shooting three people, including the officer, in an ambush late Saturday, police said. They found the body of the likely gunman and another man, police said.

The shooting also wounded another officer and a civilian, said David Duke, Moscow's assistant police chief. The name of the officer killed was not immediately released."

This is such bad journalism it's pathetic. First the accredited journalist tells us that the officer was shot responding to a man firing from the building, but then says that he was ambushed. So what was it? Was he shot while inside with the others or as he entered to lend assistance? Then, two more people were hit, but was it in the original courthouse or the church that was stormed? How did the gunman die? Did he have a heart attack and drop dead while they were storming, or did the police riddle the area with enough rounds to kill both him and the "other man"?

I don't know anything of this man and his troubles but killing innocent people means he was a raving nutcase. It IS good however to hear of police "storming" something rather than crouching outside amongst the bushes. When one of their own goes down the tactics change.

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