Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One Quotes An Idiot At One's Peril...

But since what Teddy (Dick-Em & Dunk 'Em) Kennedy says should be laughed at, so lets have a go at frolicking with what the drunken SOB has on his alcohol-clouded mind.

"Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass, lead sponsor of the bill and a longtime worker rights advocate. He took exception to the claims by Dorgan and Biden, noting that Boxer doesn't mind temporary workers when they are agricultural worker in her state of California.

Kennedy noted that a recent raid at a factory in New Bedford, Mass., "workers' rights were trampled on! They were fined for going to the bathroom, docked 15 minutes of pay for every minute they were late. ... They were forced to ration toilet paper. If you close this out and make it illegal they're going to come in here and be exploited," he said.

The Massachusetts senator acknowledged that the temporary worker program may not be the one everyone would like, "but it is the one we have in this legislation."

"If you slam that door, it isn't going to work, it is not going to work. Those workers are going to keep coming in because of the magnet of the American economy."

One word, girl-killer. FENCE. Make that two words: BIG FENCE. And, fatso, the same economy that you'd LOVE to see ruined by the influx of 50-60 MILLION new welfare recipients.

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