Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hog Boy Says He Durned DID Shoot That Pig...

"An 11-year-old Alabama boy caught in the center of a humongous hog controversy denied his monster kill was staged Wednesday in an interview with

"I just want to say it’s not fake," said Jamison Stone of Pickensville, Ala.

Stone made news last week when the world learned of his massive kill, a 1,051-pound feral hog, which he shot eight times with a pistol on a Georgia hunting preserve. But the young man soon found himself in a media maelstrom when some Web sites questioned the veracity of the photographs.

"He did kill that pig," the boy's father, Mike Stone, told "Those pictures are not doctored."

Jamison, who recently completed the sixth grade at Christian Heritage Academy in Carrollton, Ala., shot the pig on a hunt May 3 at the Lost Creek Plantation in Delta, Ga., with a .50-caliber revolver. His story made national news and the family traveled to New York to talk about their adventure, but blogs soon claimed to be able to prove the photos were faked.

"No pictures have been touched," the 11-year-old told "They first were saying I couldn’t shoot the gun, but I could and I did."

The boy's pig adventure is documented on, where the response from the public has been about 85 percent positive, Mike Stone said.

"Regardless of what the negative e-mails say, we're not ashamed of the fact that we actually hunt," Mike Stone said."

Its a given that the tree-huggers would be clamoring to weep over a dead hog, and nearly as much of a sure thing that the internet's chairborne commandos would stand in line to poo-poo the pig party.

Yes, Virginia; people do kill animals in order to then eat them. Yes, Deadeye-Dick; an 11 year-old can shoot a .500 S&W. Yes, Zumbo-lovers, the swine was as real as Jim himself. And last but not least, YES, Christian-haters (psst...this means the media), the story is true even though the participants are the ones you so love to despise.

PS: Saw a new in box long barrel .500 at a Scheels in Sioux City that was on sale and would have scarfed up the thing were it not for our anti 2nd Amendment government and the thugs who enforce their commie ass "laws".

PPS: Should Scheels open a store in Florida they'd soon run out of guns to sell. And run out of business the thieves masquerading as gunshop owners, too.

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Anonymous said...

yea this story isnt even real, I already saw a whole story about it on television where the interviewed this kid. It's his pet hog which he's been feeding it to keep it big but the damn thing kept growing