Tuesday, May 22, 2007

News From The Yellow Ribbon Girls...

"Just had to share this with you. The Yellow Ribbon girls were blessed with about 26,000 boxes of girl Scout cookies this year. As we have since we meet you we picked some of the units on your list and ship some COOKIE LOVE their way.
We have shipped a few thousand boxes of cookies so far and have lots more to go. As you can imagine we are excited to hear back from the troops when they receive the BIG boxes of cookies. So units we never hear from, some of the regulars on our list drop us a quick note and some write letters or send pictures.
WELL, 1Sgt Robert Roddy and his unit went above and beyond anything we could of ever hoped for. Within a few hours of receiving the cookies several of them took the time to email us a note of thanks and to offer us words of encouragement!!!!! We know email time is limited and precious so their messages mean a lot to us and those who help us.
Not that you need reminded of HOW GREAT YOUR MARINES ARE, we wanted to share this experience with you.
And yes they all know that more cookies are heading their way. If 1stSgt Roddy was not a popular guy before he will be NOW!!!

Bonnie ,Vicki and Patti
724-752-3314 or 724-971-1236
Stay Safe! Stay Strong!
I believe! Support our troops! Saluting The FlagGo Yellow Ribbon Girls!

(1st Sergeant Roddy is with India Company, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment)

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