Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flying The Grouchy Skies

For the first time since beginning full frontal bloggery, I will be away from the computer and not posting. Lisa and I will be traveling to Iowa to attend a graduation ceremony, and this means no entries beginning this Saturday up until our return Tuesday evening. I've a laptop and could easily carry it along, but this is my way of becoming less anal and giving my hard corps discipline a rest since it hasn't had one in many decades. I've yet to tell the Slaughter brothers of this because they simply wouldn't understand...A.) Why anyone would leave Florida on purpose, B.) How's a come they cannot tag along and we could all drive really really fast to get back home more quickly, and C.) Why anyone would leave Florida on purpose. Day trips to Georgia or Alabama are one thing, but staying in a strange state overnight is quite another. This comes at a particularly crucial time in the planning of our new club, The Hogtown Irregulars, an organization I'd proposed that could result in a cool clubhouse as well as rationalization for simply getting out of the house. At one point in time Gainesville was known as Hogtown, and since it's such a cool name, why not. I was also planning a blog named as such, but since none of the Slaughters own or have access to a personal computer it would be something of a lonely place.

I'll be leaving a detailed note under the doormat explaining my departure and estimated time of return. This is for the best. The club can wait a few more days, especially since I will be gone through an important Holiday and nothing cerebral should ever be attempted over the Memorial Day Weekend. Nor Christmas, New Years, The 4th of July, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, October 22 (Daniel Boone's Birthday), Boxing Day, ANY Full Moon, Labor Day, Flag Day, Inauguration Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, St. Patrick's Day, April Fools Day, or Arbor Day. All to be duly noted in the bylaws of The Hogtown Irregulars.

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