Thursday, May 24, 2007

She's Proud And Wants To Talk

have no interest in getting into a screaming match about how guns don't kill people, people kill people.

But I think it's about 28,685 lives past time -- that's the number of violence-related gun deaths in 2004 -- to talk about it.

Initially, it can be a thoughtful, reasoned talk that focuses on the hypothetical. What might happen if there were fewer guns in America? I mean, it'd be a good thing if the only weapon a robber had to wield was a stick, right? What if gang wars were settled by fists, not firearms?

Yes, many more people die each year in car accidents than from gunfire and no, no one is arguing that cars be banned. But neither am I proposing that guns be banned.

Can we discuss this without condensing the argument to polar either/or's? Our nation is not known for conversations that probe the expanses of gray on any issue, but can this be different?

I don't have the solution. But I know we need to have a discussion. Unless, that is, you're still waiting for just the right person to be shot..."

Okay, here's my 2-cents, Wendi, so lets communicate on this. Over 99.8% of the people I associate with, law abiding gun owners, do not commit crimes with firearms. And there there's your side, Wendi. The side where much of the gang warfare and criminal activity resides. I'll talk to my people if you promise to speak with yours, and we'll see who comes up with the greater percentage of folks willing to listen.

Deal? Or is getting down to precisely WHO it is doing these awful deeds far too real-world for ya?

More Kudos To Dave.

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