Friday, May 18, 2007

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

So I've been practicing with Winchester 12 gauge loads. This week it's back to #1 Buck, 24 pellets @1100 fps.

And damn. I know I'm not as young as I used to be, but hell. It's got kick. So off I go to find my old shotgun recoil chart, and oops. 24 pellets at 40 grains per equals 960 grains. Almost 2 and a quarter ounces.

Duh. And I'm wondering why my follow up shots aren't faster. We're talking the recoil of .458 Winchester. Now, time was I paid little attention to recoil. WAS being the operative word here. After 20 rounds I don't mind telling you that a wee bit of soreness creeps in, so maybe I'm as fast as I'm gonna be. But if I can keep the loads to an ounce and a half I'll probably see a noticeable increase in follow up, so its off to the store. Now I know why guys roll their own.

Pellet Diameter
Average Pellet
Weight (Grains)
4 .24 20.6
3 .25 23.4
2 .27 29.4
1 .30 40.0
0 .32 48.3
00 .33 53.8
000 .36 68.0

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