Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fred To Toss His Hat In By July

JR says that Fred is definitely in it. He doesn't stand a chance because while we might like him, the fence sitters will see him as too forceful and the loons as too far to the right to even consider. Bill Clinton was the only modern day candidate who preached only to his choir, and won. Sure, Fred could equal Bill's 43% of the vote but thats not cutting it against Hillary. As for me, I've made my decision and don't care if he's imperfect. The smart money says he comes out strong but fades to Julie Annie's big bucks, then signs on as his VP candidate. He then goes on to crush Hillary's running mate, Hussein, and the public sees this as a woman with a not very bright neophyte as her right hand man, then votes Annie and Freddy in.

Just remember where you heard it first and after all of the experts finally come around to seeing the handwriting on the wall then make as if they thought of it all by their lonesome. Fred may very well believe that the internet can catapult him into the Oval Office but its not as if he'll be the only one grassrooting the web.

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