Saturday, April 19, 2008

Buffalo Man Chases Burglars Away With Gun

BUFFALO, Minn. -- Steve Remer chased burglars from his Buffalo, Minn home with a gun after finding his bedroom door tied shut and unfamiliar noises around the house.

“It really makes you mad thinking that somebody came in like that while you were sleeping,” Remer said.

Remer was startled out of his sleep by some strange creaking noises he thought were caused by the wind. When he tried to open his door, he found it had been tied shut.

“I could see the rope there and thought, who the hell is playing this joke on me,” Remer said.

Then, Remer heard an unfamiliar voice in the hallway. He grabbed his .357 handgun from the closet and chased the intruder down the stairs and out the front door, firing several shots at their stolen SUV on the way out.

Remer says he didn’t want to shoot the suspect in the back. He said since they gave him a break and didn’t do anything to him while he was sleeping, he wanted to make sure they saw his face if he pulled the trigger.

When Remer went back into the house, he found a second suspect locked in a bedroom.

“I said come on out -- put your hands on your head, I’ll show you a little about Hanoi,” Remer said, with a laugh.

It was meant as a joke to them, but Remer says the suspect didn’t take it lightly, instead jumping out a window and running off.

Police caught up with Michael Rolla, 18, who led them to his accomplice, Jeremy Fuller, 18. Officers also arrested Kyle Posusta, 24, after finding Remer’s stolen guitars and electronics in Posusta’s apartment.Steve Remer thanked police for catching the criminals, saying some people may have been more defenseless than he. Remer bought the gun a few years ago for protection, but never thought he would use it.

Time was when one could say a .357 handgun and not include magnum because the only .357's around were magnums.

Along came the .357 SIG and now we all must elaborate somewhat. Unless we happen to be the Jurassic Press, that is. All in all, a good enough job, Steve, so kudos to an old Vet. Don't think you are a Marine because I hear tell most of 'em not only think they'll get to use a piece but pray really really hard to do so.

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