Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Florida Woman Survives Gunshot Right Between the Eyes

TAMPA, Fla. — "Doctors say it's amazing that a 41-year-old Tampa-area woman survived after someone shot her right between the eyes while she was riding in her boyfriend's pickup truck.

Doctors think she was hit with a .44-caliber bullet that broke in two pieces, each traveling under her skin and exiting behind her ears last weekend. She was released from the hospital hours later with just stitches.

The woman says two cars started following their truck Saturday night and the occupants began yelling at them.

At a traffic light, someone in one of the cars stood up in the sunroof and started shooting back at the truck.

Part of the bullet that hit the woman exited her head, went through the back window of the truck and hit a Jeep driving behind it.

Police are still looking for the shooter."

Besides the fact that this story stinks to high heavens, we've as usual received so little information from the Jurassic Press as to render the tale incomprehensible.

And it isn't amazing at all if a fragmenting round was used but we'll probably never know now will we.

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