Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is That A Billyclub In Your Kit Or Are You Just Happy To See Me...

Stripper's truncheon was offensive weapon, court told

"A STRIPPER'S truncheon is an offensive weapon even though he uses it as a prop in his policeman act, prosecutors claimed yesterday.

Student Stuart Kennedy was hauled into court after two female plain-clothes cops spotted him in a fake police uniform.

They followed him into the Paramount Bar in Aberdeen and watched him perform as "Sergeant Eros" before charging him with carrying offensive weapons, which also included a fake CS cas canister

He was cleared at the city's sheriff court - but yesterday the Crown challenged the ruling at the Appeal Court in Edinburgh.

Sheriff Kenneth Stewart had ruled Stuart's baton and a fake gas spray were "props in an act".

But advocate depute Brian McConnachie, QC, said that was not a "reasonable excuse" as it would allow people dressed up as neds to carry flick-knives.

Judge Lord Johnston said the Crown case "raises points of some importance".

Mr McConnachie said Stuart could have used a toy or replica baton.

He said: "For the purposes of his act, he doesn't require a real police truncheon.

"He is in a public place and a place where he says trouble can arise.

"If it was a reasonable excuse to be carrying a weapon because it forms part of your fancy dress - or fancy undress in this case - that could put people in possession of very dangerous weapons on the street.

"You could have someone going to a party as a ninja warrior with nunchaku sticks or someone dressed as a ned carrying a knife and it was part of their fancy dress.

"The whole purpose of the law is to stop people carrying offensive weapons in public."

The whole purpose of the law is to save violent criminals from getting beaten within an inch of their lives, because more and more of them are moslems, and/or minorities, and that would start something of a civil war, now wouldn't it you swine disguised as a peace officer?

The whole purpose of civilization as we know it is to unite people together so that the many may be far stronger than the few.

But not in merry ole England.

Civilization there, is where predators GATHER rather than flee the assembled might of humankind. Nature turned upside-down.

Just like Obama and Hillary would like it to be here.

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