Thursday, April 17, 2008

High School Student Shot and Killed By School Cop

" A Roosevelt High School sophomore has been shot and killed by the school's police officer.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the shooting happened shortly before noon Wednesday on campus. Dyer says the 17 year old, identified by family members as Jesse Carrizales, attacked the officer, later identified as Junus Perry, with a modified bat, leaving him seriously injured.

Perry was treated at Community Regional Medical Center and released just before 5pm. According to Dyer, the officer managed to reach for his gun to protect himself but the clip fell out. Dyer says the officer reached for a second weapon he kept in an ankle holster and fired one shot at the student, killing him."

I hate when I go to draw and my clip falls out.

Don't you?

And when was the last time YOU were seriously injured and released from the hospital a couple hours later?

Guess the Fresno PD doesn't recommend CHAMBERING A FRICKIN ROUND when on duty, eh?

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