Monday, April 21, 2008

Principal with Guns on School Lot Fired

ELIZABETH, W.Va. (AP) - "A Wirt County Middle School principal who left two hunting rifles in a vehicle parked on school property has been terminated.

The county school board voted 3-2 late Wednesday to dismiss James D. Hoover.

Superintendent Daniel Metz declined to comment on the decision.

Hoover was charged in October with two counts of unlawfully and feloniously possessing deadly weapons on educational facilities.

But Wirt County Circuit Court Judge Robert Waters later dismissed the charges, saying the case fell under an exception in state law involving unloaded weapons in locked vehicles.

Hoover told Division of Natural Resources officials investigating a hunting accident that a friend asked him to retrieve the weapons from the woods. Hoover wasn't involved in the accident."

Unloaded weapons in locked cars is okay. On school grounds, even. Except when the weapons are on school grounds. Wait. Unless the Circuit Court Judge ACTUALLY CHECKS THE FRICKIN STATE LAW.

Knee jerk reactions aren't confined to the uninformed, or the uneducated, hells no. If it is a GGGGUN, then it's BBBAD no matter who is involved, PARTICULARLY when it comes to the liberal masses who run our diploma mills.

Glad the man was exonerated, sad the man was then fired by the soccer moms running the show.

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