Friday, April 18, 2008

Hillary, Part II?

by Peggy Noonan

"At some future point Mrs. Clinton will leave, and at a more distant one she will try to come back. But more than one cycle will have to pass before she does. She'll need more than four years to shake off the impression she made in 2008. And this is how you'll know she's making another bid for the presidency. She will wear skirts. Gone will be the pantsuits that made her look like a small blond man with breasts. It's the new me, I wear skirts! Her first impulse is to think cosmetically. A long and weary life in politics has left her thinking this is the way to think."

Geez, Louise, but could you be MORE off the mark, Peggy?

She doesn't look like a small man, she looks like an average lesbian. She can't wear dresses because her ankles are as thick around as the average full grow'd sequoia, her thighs great pillars of suet, and Jupiter should have moons as big as her ass.

She's been striving to come across as a professional woman, and not an ugly woman. 4 years from now she'll be all that and a bag of chips. If from the get-go she dispensed with the Bondo and the pants it might have been a different story. We may have gotten accustomed to her un-comeliness if there was something of a brain behind that guffaw, or a morality above, oh say Ted Bundy's, and maybe a real plan or two that didn't revolve around taxing us to death and back or disrespecting America day in, day out.

But still and all, Hillary isn't hated because she looks and walks and talks like a lesbian, she's hated because of what's under the mullet.

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