Saturday, April 19, 2008

Orlando Officer Charged After Allegedly Beating Suspect In Handcuffs

"An Orlando police officer with a list of complaints against him has been charged with using excessive force against a suspect who has a lengthy criminal past.
Channel 9 first broke the story in December when Officer Wayne Costa was suspended for crossing the line during an arrest. Costa has been officially charged with battery. Officer Costa is accused of beating up Kynnoda Jones while he was in handcuffs.
Jones’ mother admits her son is a five-time convicted felon, but says his current mug shot compared to his previous mug shot proves her son was mistreated.
“He was screaming for his life. They continually beat him and beat him and beat him. There was way more than one of them. There were several of them,” said Jones’ mother during a phone interview.
Jones was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for a traffic stop. He took off running and dropped a gun in the process. Police arrested him.

All of his charges were dropped."

Hey there, Orlando, way to go in getting felons off the street.

Son of a bitch was a 5-time loser but because some jerkwad constable decided to bust coconuts the animal is back in circulation.

Kynnoda, Kynnoda...where have I heard of that...


Isn't it what they call a growth on a monkey's testicle?

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