Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dems Get Personal as Clinton Goes After the Big Win in Pennsylvania

"In Pennsylvania, it’s not just about winning for Hillary Clinton. It’s about winning big.

Clinton trails Barack Obama in delegates and is struggling to convince uncommitted superdelegates that her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination is still alive and kicking. To that end, her campaign is looking for a commanding victory Tuesday to give her momentum going into the Indiana and North Carolina primaries two weeks later.

“A double-digit victory in Pennsylvania would be huge,” Clinton supporter and former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Hoeffel told FOX News. “That double-digit victory is within reach and it would be a tremendous turnaround.”

With three days to go until the Pennsylvania primary, both candidates stormed through the Keystone State on Saturday, taking jabs at each other’s character. Obama told voters Clinton is a “slash and burn” Washington game-player. Clinton suggested Obama is all talk, no substance.

Polls show Clinton consistently leading in Pennsylvania, but since late March, Obama has narrowed that margin to about 5 or 6 percentage points."

I can't see Obama winning Pennsy. The Philadelphia environs? Sure. Anywhere crime and welfare...the double-whammy of American life...are high, the vote always goes to the most liberal political candidate and that's Obo all over.

Pennsylvania is an old union-driven, pork-barreled farm-subsidy state, so democrats are beloved to a certain extent, but as a whole it is nowhere near the liberal bastion of a New Jersey, California, or New York. With scant few exceptions, liberals simply do not live anywhere near large dangerous animals...that's always an indicator...and the Pennsy black bear can reach 800 pounds. Oh, and rampaging minorities don't count as large dangerous animals because there isn't a hunting season for them.


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