Sunday, April 27, 2008

Race-Mongering Reverend Al Promises To Shut Down The Town

Citywide protests planned

"With Nicole Paultre Bell at his side, Rev. Al Sharpton promised massive demonstrations in the next two weeks."

Nicole Paultre's last name IS NOT Bell, as they were never married, but Al thought it'd be a cute way to call attention to his latest money making race scam.

Since there might be innocent women and children protesting along with you, Al, here's a friendly heads-up.


NY's new DEMI-GOD SQUAD is itching to take down some unlawful's, and while that of course shouldn't include minorities or illegal aliens, because, after all, NY is a sanctuary city to all things filthy and anti-American, a stray-spray might zip your way and ruin, just ruin, your entire day*.

*Best read with Obama's Pastor Wright sermonizing style in mind.

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