Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Plea

Bought my first PC in 1990. Hewlett Packard with a 1 gig hard drive and so little RAM even Solitaire was slow loading. It lasted all of a week before the motherboard said adios but HP sent me another one pronto.

IBM, Dell, had a few made from scratch, and for my money they all sucked except the IBM'er. The Dell we purchased not 2 years ago lasted just a month past its warranty before frying, and the purpose of all this whinging is to ask around for a recommendation.

We're looking to get a new machine and if you've had decent luck with a certain brand do me a solid and tell.

Nothing off the wall, just up-to-date shit and I'd rather spend more on an extended warranty than bells & whistles we'll never use. No movie watching on the 'puter, don't burn cd's though that might be cool, and the RAM, hell a gig is cool as long as the box can be updated for more when necessary.

I know there are a scazillion types meeting those paltry specs but I'm just weary of getting screwed over by PC's for nearly 2 decades.

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