Saturday, April 19, 2008


by Jonah Goldberg

"The Obamas still seem stuck in that time warp, clinging to '80s-style resentments and political assumptions. Michelle Obama is never so eloquent as when she's complaining about the burden of student loans for her two Ivy League degrees and covering the high cost of summer camp and piano lessons for her kids on her family's half-million-dollar-a-year income.

"Don't go into corporate America," she exhorted low-income working mothers in Ohio in February, even though she is a highly compensated hospital executive. She admits to being consumed with "a constant sense of guilt" over having to balance work, politics and family. "It's guilt, feeling guilty all the time."

"My rival in this race," he said in 2007, "is not other candidates, it's cynicism." And, of course, Obama is against "division." This treacle was once dismissed as naive idealism, a.k.a. "the politics of hope." But the code has been broken. His real opponent is the "division" that made Reagan, the Bushes and the Clintons possible and brought politics to the center, where the country was all along.

Slate columnist Mickey Kaus has been waiting for Obama to "pivot" to the center as Clinton did in 1992. But it may be that America's most reliably liberal senator doesn't think he has to. He isn't a unifier. He's a counter-revolutionary. And waiting for him to pivot is like waiting for Godot."

No one in their right mind could have imagined someone so loathsome as to make Hillary Rodham Clinton appear the lesser of two evils until Barack Obama began going through the vetting process.

Remember way back when? During the early stages of the '08 campaign we were itching to watch Hillary squirm as her incompetency was brought into the light of day, the cockroach fleeing from the sudden light. And yep, she makes mistake upon mistake, lies way too much and too often, getting caught each and every time because she adheres to a scripted performance and can't think on her feet very well at all.

She guffaws like a ruptured mule, and Obama, Obama stutters. Then whines. Makes it more difficult to watch a grown man weep, that's simply the laws of nature. When Hillary is trapped in the oncoming headlights even the most ardent despiser's of her can't help but get a twinge in the someplace where protecting women and children comes from. Oh sure, we continue to be disgusted by her, but when Barack takes center stage in the guilt Olympics that is all the democrat party is all about, when he stands small we feel the onrush of a nausea that doesn't go away, isn't tempered by any rule of civilization.

Hillary has failed the vetting process, failed it miserably. Barack Obama is the odd smelling slithering thing that twitches out from under an overturned rock, and what's scary about it all is the fact that there are people who still want him to become the next President. I guess geek shows never really did go out of style. They just became the star attraction of liberal politics.


Not at all. It's we he hates. For a hundred reasons going back hundreds of years.

Now, now its payback time.

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