Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FLORIDA: Crist Signs Guns Locked In Cars Bill Into Law

TALLAHASSEE - "Gov. Charlie Crist signed a bill into law on Tuesday that will allow Florida residents to keep guns locked in their cars at work.

Gun owners, however, shouldn't start taking their weapons to work right away. The law doesn't take effect until July, and the business community is already planning to challenge the new legislation in court. A lawsuit on the issue could be filed as soon as next week.

...Guns will still be off limits at some sites: schools, prisons, nuclear power plants, military facilities and buildings that store explosives."

Crist was making noises like he was going to hold off signing the thing, right up until his inbox exploded with "DON'T YOU DARE" emails.

Once this settles in, and like all of Florida's other gun friendly laws people begin to realize that blood WON'T be running in the streets we'll turn our attention to some of the other areas that need attention.

Like school property carry.

Seriously now; they DO need armed folks at schools who won't run from the bad guys screaming LOCKDOWN!!!...LOCKDOWN!!!

PS: There's a poll asking opinion on the new law, and if you hit it you'll be brought to the results...then take a look to the right hand side of the page for the most popular stories and you'll find:

Florida police officer charged with having on-duty sex with teen

You know, the guy who could carry HIS firearm pretty much anywhere because he was just so special.

And check out the caption for the included picture:

Right on target?
Matt Gruskin, of Boca Raton aims his Glock 40 handgun at a target at the Revere Gun Range in Pompano Beach on Wednesday, the same day the state Senate passed a bill allowing Florida to keep firearms in their vehicles while at work. (Sun-Sentinel/ Michael Laughlin / April 9, 2008)

Can anyone tell me where I can get my hands on a GLOCK 40...

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