Sunday, April 27, 2008

Permit holder just fine with bill

SOUTH CAROLINA: "Ron McIsaac, a concealed weapons permit holder who is in a wheelchair, said he doesn't like the idea of his address being made public, partly because he thinks burglars might target his home to steal guns. And he feels he needs a gun for protection because of his handicap.

"All anybody has to do now is come by and knock me off the chair and I'm like a turtle whose been tossed over on his back," he said. "So it's important for me to have the ability to defend myself in a situation like that."

Prior to South Carolina's action, the Brady Campaign counted 26 states where those records are confidential, 20 where they're part of the public record, two that don't require permits to carry a gun and two that don't allow carrying concealed weapons.

Mark Bilicki, a firearms instructor in Greenville said he can understand why some people might not want their name and address published.

But he said for many people, letting everyone know they may be carrying a gun is a point in their favor for safety. "Quite frankly I want everybody to know I own a gun," he said.

Since the 'journalist' who hastily assembled this disorganized detritus presumed his readers to be acquainted with the old and NEW laws regarding the availability of license holders' records, lets clarify.

Once upon a time any Tom, Dick, or Harry could look up Joe Blow to see if Mr. Blow had a concealed carry license.

Not anymore. The records are confidential. This means you now have to bribe a cop to run a make for you.

And while I sympathize with Mr. McIssac's plight, there is no reason on God's green earth he should feel obligated to offer a reason for owning and carrying a firearm.

Regarding Mr. Billicki, it is quite obvious that he doesn't have an attorney or two constantly nagging at him for advertising the fact that he owns guns. Nor does he have them insured, or is paying little attention to the "advice" offered by his agent. Plus, if the bad guys know you are armed, besides robbing you, they have just been put on notice that they should shoot you first. That's sort of the whole idea about this concealed means concealed business.

Were open-carry to be legal here in it was BEFORE they ushered in the CCW era then surrendered to the incessant whining from Disney and LE...there are times I probably would open carry. Not everywhere, and not all the time. Using the same tactics for different situations is downright silly. Anyway, it's a personal thing and to each their own.

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