Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Teacher Shoots Would Be Attacker...Police Praise Him For Acting In "Decisive And Fitting Manner"

No, this isn't a fictional piece or a daydream, and it certainly didn't happen in America. Here our teachers run screaming, are killed, then the police say its a shame they couldn't run any faster.

PA Terrorist Shot Dead By Quick-Thinking Civilian

"A Palestinian Authority terrorist was shot dead late Monday afternoon as he attempted to stab two people at a bus stop near Shiloh, 20 miles north of Jerusalem. The armed civilian who put an end to the attack is a school principal from the town of Itamar...

...IDF officials had nothing but praise for Rabbi Bar-On in the wake of the attempted stabbing. "The citizen acted properly, in a decisive and fitting manner," army officials said in a statement to the press, "and his actions showed preparedness and proportionality."

And there you have it.

Armed citizen kills bad guy. Authorities heap praise.

Something virtually unheard of around these parts where the police are so afraid of being shot themselves that they are against citizen-carry because gee, ya never know and all they want to do is go home at night.

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