Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Hazards Of Open Carry...

Not from the criminal element...but from...oh hell, just guess

"As the trooper was getting my wallet, the cheif took out my gun, removed the clip, cleared the pipe, and gave me a really hateful look. The trooper then began his 10 minute rendition again on how foolish it was to do this since I had a cpl. The cheif steps up: (I relate him to be ex-military definately, Marine or Drill instructor, I'd recognize that posture anywhere) he got within ten inches of my face and square in the eye contact and said, (a very aggressive step forward) "This isn't the old west you know!"

I said, I know and I'm glad it's not. He said;"Then why are you carrying that gun." I said, because it's legal and I can. He said; "Well I don't think you should be carrying it." I said; Ok, that's your opinion and I respect that, but I choose to carry everywhere I go. As I was facing off with the cheif, I could see the trooper out of the corner of my eye, I can't speak for him or know for sure what he was thinking, but the look on his face and his posture said volumes. I think I surprised him with my composure in the face of the cheif's aggression.

At this point the trooper stepped in and the cheif gave him my gun and stepped over to his car. The trooper then told me he was mis-informed. It wasn't Home Depot who called, it was a concerned shopper. I told him ok, I can understand that and had no problem with it. I told him this re-enforces what I had said about public awareness and not making a panic call to 911. He thanked me for my co-operation and handed me my gun, which I refused. I told him I would rather he lay it in the seat of my truck and I will get it when I leave. He said ok, and put it in the driver's seat. The trooper then told me to consider what had happened here today and maybe change my view of open carrying."

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True story of a gentleman stopped and harassed and then harassed some more for legally open-carrying his handgun.

A little more...

"Ok, one little tidbit, when the chief checked out the magazine-- he made a point to show the trooper and didn't like what he saw and shot me a look of true dislike! I was max loaded-- 17mag- 1 in the pipe-- 135gr jhp of teflon coated Black Talons! He said they're illegal, I said no, the manufacture of teflon coated bullets was banned, not the possesion of ammunition purchased pre-ban. I have 2,000 rounds, would you like some."

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