Saturday, April 26, 2008

Team GLOCK Shooting Squad Winners at USPSA

Smyrna, Georgia - "The Team GLOCK Shooting Squad added two more titles to their successful 2008 season by winning at the GLOCK sponsored United States Practical Shooting Association Area 6 Championship at the South River Gun Club in Covington, Georgia from April 18 – 20.

Dave Sevigny dominated the Limited – 10 division by winning 11 out of 12 stages with a 243 point margin of victory over second place Matt Griffin. Jessie Abbate won the High Lady title and first B class in Limited Division. She beat the 2005 ISPC World High Lady Petra Tutschke by 57 points.

The Limited Division in USPSA has historically been dominated by single action iron sight guns, but in recent years, Team GLOCK has won several titles using the Safe Action GLOCK pistol in head to head competition with the 1911. Team GLOCK used .40 caliber GLOCK pistols with major power factor ammunition from Atlanta Arms and Ammo. Sevigny ran a GLOCK 35 while Abbate fired GLOCK 24 to win their respective titles."

The experts said it'd never be done. 1911's with 20 round magazines, 1-pound triggers and $3000 price tags were never going to be beaten by ANY DA gun, not at the highest levels, and especially since the top shooters favored the old iron workhorse.

Then in 2006 David Sevigny took a DA semi-auto, beat the SA 1911, and hasn't looked back since.

Say what you will about the performance characteristics of SIG's and H&K's and any of the other plastic fantastics. Whatever gun you shoot well is the one you SHOULD shoot, but the two platforms dominating today's handgun sports are the 1911 with GLOCK nipping at its heels.

A duplicate of Sevigny's GLOCK can be had for around $750 out the door. Matt Griffin's 1911, well, depends on the deal you can work out, but figure on between $2500-$3000.

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