Sunday, April 27, 2008



"The campaign style of '04 would never work for him, and the beginning of the campaign proved that," noted one GOP operative with ties to Bushworld. "But I just don't know if this is realistic - why experiment in such a large-scale way?"

McCain strategists insist their paradigm can work. And the sour national climate for the GOP, McCain's limited money supply and his preference for an impromptu campaign style mean there is no other option, says one aide.

"To run a normal, typical race like a normal, typical Republican, we would win 45 percent of the popular vote and 189 electoral votes," this aide says. "You can't just go to Columbus."

This is correct. Since McCain ISN'T a Republican, trying to fool enough people with so relatively little money wouldn't be a smart thing to try. McCain MUST run a different campaign, but if the Obama fiasco in Pennsylvania proved one thing it was the fact that a poser can spend all the money in the world and still lose if he doesn't have much of anything of substance to offer.

Since all of the GOP challengers were even dumber than he, McCain is running OPPOSITE to the values of the Republican party's core-constituency and still "winning". Thats because Republicans expect a lot from their nominee and when one has higher standards things can get dicey.

You can take this latest attempt to understand McCain with a grain of salt because Yellowstream Media types cannot tell the truth for fear of becoming ostracized in a profession that values entertainment over substance. The reason McCain cannot raise as much money as Obama or even Mrs. Bill Clinton is because he isn't liked nearly as much as they are. Obama is in the race because he is a black man who can somewhat read from a teleprompter and Mrs. Bill Clinton is still alive and kicking because she picked the right man to wed.

McCain, on the other hand, must convince patriotic Americans that he speaks the truth, and all his opponents need do is entertain soap-opera devotees looking for pie in the sky. People will ALWAYS over-spend for entertainment, so of course he fights an uphill battle with regards to raising money. All of this "NEW WAY" to run a Presidential campaign is nothing more than facing the reality that he will be begging for cash while his foe will be living high on the hog, so lets make believe we are doing something different because its the RIGHT WAY to do it.

Bullswaddle. Obama and Mr's Clinton APPEAL to their side of the aisle. Thats why there is still no clear cut winner. The weepy loons simply can't decide the BEST way to be politically correct, and remain torn between two sob stories. McCain is asking the Republican Party to vote for him just because he has an "R" after his name. Since the Jurassic Press despises true Republicans they did their level best to diminish McCain's primary opponents, and the McCain campaign is continuing with the same tactic. Count on good reviews from the media to counter the stench from Mr. Hands Across The Aisle who is not anything close to a Conservative Republican but hopes enough folks will be comforted by the fact that at least he's not Obama or Mrs. Bill.

That is his "inventive strategy". And as can be seen from this article, at least SOME of the media are backing his play to the hilt.

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