Monday, April 28, 2008

Daley: Chicago police to get assault rifles

"Mayor Richard Daley said Saturday Chicago police officers will he armed with high-powered assault rifles when they're on the streets fighting gangs and other criminals.

"Many times they're outgunned, to be very frank," Daley said at an event in the Englewood neighborhood. "When they come to a scene, someone has a semi fully-automatic weapon and you have a little pistol, uh, good luck."

The city's police officers carry pistols, and Daley suggested they will start carrying "M4 rifles."

Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said the department still is working out details about the M4 carbines.

Daley pointed out that the Illinois State Police, Chicago SWAT units and other police departments around the country already carry high-powered assault weapons. He said the weapons will better match the Chicago police officers against criminals with sophisticated weapons, such as high-powered assault rifles. (Wow, ya think? Fits)

"We're finding out that the weapons of criminals are getting bigger and bigger, AK47s, all types of different weapons, because they can carry assault weapons, it's not a violation of federal law, and that is a concern for all of us," he said."

It's NOT a violation of the law for criminals to carry an AK?

Well beat the boogers outta me but it sure as all hells IS. That's what being a criminal means, you cretin. Someone who does something...hold on now I'll type slowly...CRIMINAL.

Now repeat after me, you uneducated, no-nothing liberal idiot; an AK-47 is NOT a high-powered rifle. Neither is an M4. Especially the "semi-full-automatic" kind. And "working out the details" means they'll settle for an M4-gery, some knock-0ff overpriced poodle shooter in semi-automatic.

And tell me, if you'd be so kind, if your guys and gals are being out-gunned how come we haven't heard a damned thing about mass police killings? In 2007, throughout the entire country we lost 69 cops to homicide, including 17 Feds some of which were killed in Iraq, and 81 to traffic accidents. 60% of ALL law enforcement deaths are due to accident, Mr. Mayor, so how's about instituting a frickin DRIVER SAFETY program?

But lets get back to all of those officers out-gunned in the line of duty, shall we?

Texas lost 22 officers to homicide, Florida 16, New York 12 and California 11. Domestic violence calls account for the majority of officer deaths, Mr. Mayor, and 5 Illinois officers died in the line of duty, but I cannot find ONE mention of any deaths or even injuries from "assault-weapons".

Strange, isn't it?

To date, 12 cops have died this year as a result of gunfire. None in Illinois, Mr. Mayor, nor wounded either, so I guess your people have been dodgin' those super-guns really, really well.

Let's summarize just for the hell of it, shall we?

In 2007, NO incidents of officers killed or wounded as a result of confrontations with criminals bearing assault-weapons. ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Certainly none in Chicago, let alone all of Illinois.

Happily enough, particularly with all this talk of being out-gunned, fewer officers have been killed as a result of gunfire in 2008 than last year. So here comes the tough part....

If none of your cops were harmed by AK's, or AR's, or ANY assault rifle, and be honest with me now, were they simply running away? Is THAT what this fuss is all about? Your officers want to stand and fight? IF so, they better be using weapons superior to the ones they are fleeing from, because THOSE don't seem to be all that harmful now do they?

And to get down to the nitty gritty here, I know it can't be as simple as you and law enforcement making all this up, heaven forbid, because you said that "many times they're out-gunned," so for the sake of brother officers across the country, just precisely how ARE your guys managing to duck all those machine gun bullets?


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