Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ann Coulter Once Again Takes On Barry Hussein

Since a Chinese graduate student at Columbia University, Minghui Yu, was killed last Friday when black youths violently set upon him, sending him running into traffic to escape, I think B. Hussein Obama ought to start referring to the mind-set of the "typical Asian person."

As of Wednesday, police had no motive for the attack, and witnesses said they heard no demand for money or anything else. The Associated Press reports that the assailant simply said to his friend, "Watch what I do to this guy" before punching Yu."

Amazing thing is the fact that something like this happens all over the country on a regular basis, and Barry thinks his poor old grandma is a racist for speaking the truth. He'd rather see the woman who clothed and fed Ann points out, granny was the ONLY bread-winner in the house because grandpa was habitually out of work...harassed or mugged or worse than have half a brain in her head and the subsequent desire to remain alive and well.

You can read all of Ann's latest fisking of Barry by clicking the headline link.

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