Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Boo Frickin Hoo

Usually, I don't use these pages as a bitch session.

By that I mean weeping about personal affronts, because we all detest liberals and gun-grabbers and militant moslems, and write about them, but as a despised concept rather than something intimate. Most of the links to other Blogs you'll find here are like minded. People who are good at a particular something, and don't waste your time whinging about pente ante who-gives-a-squat.

But I've an itch that needs scratching so its whinge time. Lots of folks moderate the comment sections of their Blogs. Coolbeans and to each his or her own but if you're going to delete or flat out refuse to publish a comment then you should at least let someone know why. Particularly if they're on your link list.

Thats all. Nothing earth shattering. No biggie. Sometimes things bug me and maybe I need to let 'em out in the open more than I normally do. Maybe not. I've never been really good at communicating this way but have taken a stab at it and while for me its nowhere near as satisfying as that coppery taste of fresh blood, its modern, and acceptable, and won't leave a mark in the morning.

A gentleman, you see, is only rude on purpose. Least thats how I feel about it. Being quite fallible there are times when I know damned well I've come across as too harsh for this medium, but I do work on it. Nobody should take a punch that isn't a deserved one but I'm getting better at works-well-with-others. So if I've pissed you off then be a man...even if you're a woman...and tell me.



I'm getting the hang of this sensitivity shit.

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