Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cop charged with selling drugs resigns

SWAMPSCOTT -- A Swampscott police officer accused of dealing prescription drugs -- at times on duty and in uniform -- has resigned.

Thomas Wrenn, 37, offered a letter of resignation on Saturday, according to Chief Ronald Madigan.

"He voluntarily submitted his resignation," said Madigan, who declined to discuss the case further because it's a personnel matter.

Wrenn is facing federal drug charges, including allegations that he bought Percocet pills from an associate cooperating with federal authorities outside a Chinese restaurant on the Lynnway last month. Prosecutors say he admitted to providing the drugs to five other people."


A personnel matter.

After all...what's a little drug dealing amongst storm-troopers? Hell, Human Resources fires people all the time for things like this. Pencil thieves, paper-clip scavengers, copy-paper purloiner's, selling drugs while in uniform...

And here YOU were thinking that you had every RIGHT to know what the servants were up to.

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