Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dreams From My Fodder

For pretty much the last time I will have a stab at edumacating the unedumacated.


A rifle is a weapon, a firearm, but NOT A GUN.

Pistols and revolvers are guns. Handguns to be picky, but guns will certainly suffice.

So when you email me and bitch about guns being evil because they killed MLK and JFK, please take a moment to refer to the weapon in question as a RIFLE. In the case of RFK, "gun" is cool because it WAS a gun that killed him.

It is my believe that not all liberals are lost causes. By delving deeper into a subject and learning more about firearms, some may actually change their minds about an inanimate object having a life of its own. And believe me on this one, I'd rather not kill anyone anymores. I'd be perfectly happy to spend the rest of my life shooting holes in cans and paper and evil members of the fruit and vegetable family. If criminals would all agree to leave me and mine alone I'd promise never to kill them.

Thats a pretty fair trade. Your life isn't worth my hubcaps but thats what its gonna cost you. If more people were aware of that there'd be less criminal activity because the punishment would far outweigh the gain. MOST do not, and the weaker turn to a life of crime.

Say la vee. Or say la morty. Whichever fits.

But live, learn, and next time the urge to sink your baby teeth into my Sicilian ass becomes undissuadable, then by all means let me have it with both barrels. Somewhere along the line someone must have told you how to talk to Marines but if not then use this as a primer.

This is my Rifle
This is my Gun

Yadda, yadda.

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