Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fats And Mr. Peanut To Gang Hillary Into Dropping Out...

"Jimmy Carter and Al Gore are planning to call for Hillary Clinton to end her presidential run, according to an article published Sunday in a Scottish newspaper.

The Scotsman — the same paper that quoted Barack Obama adviser Samantha Power calling Clinton a “monster,” which resulted in her dismissal from the campaign — reported that the two politicians are teaming up because they believe it is in their party’s best interest to end the prolonged battle for the Democratic presidential nomination and unite behind Obama, who continues to maintain a lead over Clinton in number of pledged delegates.

“They’re in discussions,” a source close to Carter reportedly told the newspaper. “Carter has been talking to Gore. They will act, possibly together, or in sequence.”

According to the report, the two party elders will either meet with Clinton privately to urge that she withdraw her candidacy or they will publicly endorse Obama in the hopes that more superdelegates will follow suit.

Clinton still holds a lead over Obama in number of superdelegates. It is not known when Carter and Gore will make such an appeal to Clinton, but insiders say it is certain to happen, the newspaper reported. It added that both pols have clashed with the Clintons in the past."

"Party elders."

Sounds a lot like how the old Soviet Union used to refer to people, doesn't it?

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