Friday, April 04, 2008

Hope Its Got A Decent Recoil Pad

Ert Slaughter wants me over to have a look at a rifle his daddy gave him, which means he's finally gotten the urge to shoot it but is a might short of ammo.

Remington 700 XCR in .375 H&H. So I'm off to look for a 300 grainer that trots on out at around 2600 fps. Don't ask what he is intending to hunt, cause last I heard Okefenokee still isn't being stocked with Hippo's. Which would be too cool to even imagine so I'm gonna stop right now.


Well, the XCR had a Limbsaver recoil pad and wow but it worked swell. With iron sights the rifle appears to be capable of minute-of-hog and since Ert is something of a reloader he can cut back to a boom not quite as earth-shattering, and certainly far less expensive.

The only kvetch I had about the weapon was that Ert had set the adjustable trigger pull down to breeze rather than squeeze and he kept setting off rounds before he had a good enough sight picture. This is correctable with both practice and going back up to 5 lbs or thereabouts. I do believe I convinced him that he should not think of the rifle as a commie-hoards-killer, and that it doesn't matter how light the pull he ain't getting the thing to bump-fire.

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