Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How The Anti's View...Among Other Things...Full-Capacity-Magazines

Why the Clintonian Hi-Cap Ban?

Loon Response: "The reasoning for this was simple: Magazine clips that contain 10 bullets are more useful to people who carry automatic weapons (which are illegal in most states). You just hold down the trigger and the handgun keeps firing, a bit like a machine gun, which means the criminal in question has the ability to fire many rounds at a police officer quickly and easily, and is more likely to hit the target as a result. Thanks to the 10 bullet limit the person runs out of bullets a lot faster. Since that law has been in place officers in many American states have seen a dramatic drop in the death of police officers due to automatic weapons."

FACT: The Clinton Hi-Cap ban did nothing to save police officers from harm. There is no record of ANY officer of the law being killed by an automatic weapon before or after the ban. Fisk the above as well as more of the same by clicking the headline link.

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