Saturday, April 05, 2008

Iranian Group to Produce Film in Response to Dutch Anti-Koran Film

Stung by a Dutch lawmaker's graphic documentary depicting barbaric acts carried out in the name of Islam and the Koran, an Iranian film organization says it is producing a counter-documentary, "Beyond Fitna."

Iran's FARS news agency reports the film focuses on "orders given to worldwide Christians in the (distorted) version of the Bible for stoking violence, committing genocide, attacking others, beheading and burning women and children who have been taken into captivity."

The Iranian film announcement comes a week after far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders released his 17-minute film, "Fitna" in the Web.

The release of "Fitna" on March 27 sparked noisy protests from Islamic groups and leaders — some threatening Wilders with death — and the United Nations and several nations called for the removal of the film from video Web sites such as Google and YouTube."

Ah yes. Moslems being forced to point backwards hundreds of years into the past when pretty much everyone was a helluva lot more bloodthirsty than today and Christians almost rivaled followers of dirty old Mo for outright barbarity.

Members of militant islam should give thanks each and every day that the rest of the world grew the fuck up. Were we to fight fire with fire there would be no islam anymores.

Being civilized CAN be a pain sometimes.

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